I recently decided to build a chainsaw powered RC car using a Echo 452VL chainsaw(old with no chain break so unsafe as a chainsaw) as the engine

I was going to use a raspberry PI 3 as the receiver and a computer as the transmitter, but after looking at some hobbypartz I realized it would probably be easyer and cheaper to use normal controllers

I was looking for a little expert help, I figured I'd need a controller(transmitter), and a receiver, a couple(or three if I decide to add brakes) servos and a battery.

Problem is this thing is going to be quite heavy, so I figured I'd go for the biggest servo's on the site, Question I have to ask is, will the receivers be able to handle the current of said servo, or is there an RC Equiv to a relay for servos?

do I need a motor controller?

never done RC with proper Equipment before(my experience in RC vehicles is limited to cheap battery powered 27mhz things from the early 90's)

at first I thought the servos plug straight into the receiver, then I saw somewhere you needed a motor controller to power the receiver(even tho besides the servos there will be no motors as its going to be powered by the chainsaw engine), do I need some sort of power board thing to plug into the receiver to power the servos or can it run directly?

Bit lost, if anyones feeling generous and knows a bit about this, I'd be in your debt if you could clear up my confusion on what I need to get to turn the control side of this project into a sucess

My current understanding is:

servo---> Receiver <---motor controller < ---- Battery

also I was looking to run it off a 12v SLA battery, or 6v(depending on what the receiver needs) and using a small generator on the drive train to charge it as it ran.

any advice would be appreciated, literally any I'm totally new at this on the RC/suspension side of this, with this transmitter/reciever stuff, or the suspension(thinking of going wishbone for front but don't know what shocks to get, and got the rear end sorted), or type/size of tyres I should get

I know 2 stroke engines, chains n sprockets, and welding/fab, the rest I'm at a loss