I have 2 Redcat Shockwave nitro cars. They both worked great last season. This season after about 6 months of not using them I started them up again. One of them is working great still, the other I just cant get started. Here’s what I have done:

- Checked flooding, emptied, and started over a number of times.
- Replaced all batteries and fully charged the glow starter. Checked glow plug for glow.
- Checked my idle gap and played around with gap sizes.
- Replaced the fuel and cleaned out the fuel lines.
- Replaced the glow plug and verified it works.
- Played around with HSN and LSN but I think that may have made it worse. I tried to put it back to mimic the working car.
- Removed the engine, carb, and exhaust and cleaned them out. When I did this it started once but after I stopped it, it seemed like it wanted to start but wouldn’t. Again I tried adjusting the HSN and LSN with no luck. Now it doesn’t want to even seem like it wants to start again.

One thing I noticed is that the carb is taking on a LOT of fuel. After a few attempts to try to start it if I turn it on its side the fuel just drips out the exhaust, I would say about a ˝ teaspoon worth. I'm thinking my next steps are to lean out the HSN until the carb doesn't drip with fuel

Separately I also replaced the pull string starter with a drill starter. With the working car it starts immediately.

I’m not sure where else to go from here. I don’t think the fuel in the exhaust is normal but I think my problem is I messed up the HSN and LSN so much I cant get them back to the right spot to get it going. Any help would be greatly appreciated.