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Thread: Can anyone suggest a simulator?

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    Can anyone suggest a simulator?

    I just purchased the Airfield F4U Corsair, 1450mm. It has the Airfield 2.4ghz, 6 channel transmitter. Can anyone suggest a good simulator for this plane and transmitter?

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    Cheapest worth bothering = free = FMS generally packaged on a CD with an adapter cable to plug your TX into the computer for about $10-$15 on e-bay. You're paying for the cable... the software is technically provided free. (to avoid the copyright infringement, this is allowed)

    You can learn something from any simulator...
    FMS is good enough for basic control and orientation training. A bit hard to find the runway for landings. don't worry about landing on the runway (this issue appears in most simulators) Just land with the plane coming sort of toward you.
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    Thank you, Fred. I will give it a try.

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