I received a new TM912 controller in the mail and plugged it into my Windows 8.1 laptop.
The controller was recognized as "Rc SIMULATOR XTR+G2+FMS Controller".

I tried to calibrate it in the Control Panel under Windows and some of the 9 channels work, and some don't.
Biggest problem is that the left stick vertical axis is the one I want to setup as Throttle as it does not have a spring, but that axes is assigned to "Y-AXIS" and only results in "124 to 256" readings where the first 50% of stick travel results in values of "124 to 256" and the rest of the stick travel results in no further change.

Other problems is one of the two analog knobs is not recognized and NONE of the 3 Switch inputs are recognized.

I have been able to finagle 4 channels working in ClearView Flight Sim but I have to painstakenly make detailed modifications to each airplane model otherwise the throttle (Y-Axis) starts at 50% throttle when stick is all the way at zero (down) position. There seems to be no way to calibrate this out at the windows or controller level and i would have to make those corrections for each and every plane and heli model.

Recommendations ?

Bad controller or bad driver ? Quality of mechanism seems to be good and controls are fairly smooth with little jitter. Just only 5 of 9 channels supported by this windows driver.