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Thread: Exceed RC 1/10 Madspeed Drift King w/led brushless edition

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    Exceed RC 1/10 Madspeed Drift King w/led brushless edition

    So im actually about to order this drift car and it comes ready to run with a 2000Mah NimH battery. Well turns out a charger isn't included (weird considering its a RTR model) I was wondering what kind of charger to buy Thats fairly cheap but has good quality. Or im interested in buying a lipo battery from Sky Lipo and a charger for it. Only been around Nitro Engines and havent really had any experience with brushless motors or lipo's for that matter. Thanks guys.
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    Hi i have been using this charger for quite awhile with good luck. Make sure you get it from the U.S. East Warehouse
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