Hello everyone, I love the smell of nitro late in the evening about an hour before dark. That's when I break out my new Forza buggy, It is broke in some what, I have ran about ten tanks of fuel through the VX.18 cxp engine. The engine is still very tight, and needs more break in time to loosen up the engine. This is a good tell tell sign that it is a pretty good engine, with good parts because of the long break in needed. Before I ever ran the engine, I replaced the exhaust manifold with a aluminum header, and opened up the muffler and took out the baffle which looks very restrictive. The buggy is already very fast and knowing that it will only get faster with more run time is very rewarding. The buggy will cover a 100 yards of asphalt in a little over four seconds. And run 62 mph with a 10 mph head wind holding it back. We un capped the muffler and ran the engine without the fuel pressure of the exhaust. Needless to say It had to be richened it up quite a bit. We ran two passes with it uncorked and with blue thunder race fuel, it would spin the tires when it shifter to second gear. We moved it over out of the marbles and it stud up the front tires just a little but in fact you could see it did. Started to rain so we never got to check it with the radar gun, So but I will get around to it and let you all know how it turned out. The seat of the paints tells me it is a lot faster without the muffler.