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Thread: Wow it all works

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    Wow it all works

    Hey everyone. Well today the two jumpers and one special cable arrived that took my FPV set up from "HUH?" To "HOLY S#@*!" Man Ready Made R/ has it all and then some, and though you would have a hard time talking to them on the phone, its all good. Normally when a business wont take my call, I dont thnk there worth doing business with, but they explain to you why that is, and basically its the time involved. These people will not let you just twist in the wind if you have an issue. When you contact them, you get responded to, right away, and they dont mess around. How ever long it takes to help or what ever they need to for you, they do it. And they dont let you go till your right as rain.

    I got a 1.2mhz 1000mah Lawmate transmitter good for over a mile and the Lawmate receiver, there best one with its own built in lipo and charger. I never saw any of this stuff before and it arrived with no instructions. For all I know, this is so easy most people dont need instructions, but I sure do. Im using a Go Pro 2 for my camera, which when you buy from Ready Made, comes with an 8 gig card so you can use your Go Pro instantly, "it doesnt come with one". And they provide you free, the cable that plugs into the Go Pro for FPV use. The awesome Headplay goggles I got put you in a movie theatre with serious deep base and high treble in the sound dept. I needed a couple jumpers and a special cable going to the transmitter with its own seperate little lipo to power it. The picture is like high definition , and I can see now a person does not want to be doing anything but standing still or sitting down while watching. I just have the stuff laid out on the bench with a fan on the transmitter and the camera sitting on the desk.

    Even with that lame picture set up, I get sort of into my own world wearing the goggles, and I need to pay attention to my surroundings. For my old butt, I would not take a chance on tripping over something while flying the Turbo Ace with the FPV set up. Those goggles are too good, its just terrible.

    I went out side in the bright sun and walked a few houses down from mine and the picture never changed, I was not wearing them walking down the street. #1 my neighbors would be certain I had "gone over the edge" with the goggles on having no idea what they were. #2 If you tried to walk down the street, you get hurt not watching where your going but watching your TV from accross the living room at home from several hundred feet away down the street. I'm sure that when this is set up at last on the Turbo Ace and this is all out side it will work even better. If you wanted to spy on somebody, there are lots of cameras way smaller than the Go Pro and its small for sure. The transmitter is tiny for putting out 1 watt, but it will get hot in fairly short order with out air blowing over the fins. With the goggles, you could see and hear anything from a long way off. But I dont think you could get anywhere close to a mile with out the transmitter airborne or at least up high.

    Any way, if any one needs to see EXACTLY what you need from the Go Pro hero 2 camera to goggles with the hook up, I can take video or pictures of the set up laid out. Now getting it all set up on the Turbo Ace X830s will be another thing.
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    Would love to see photo and vid of your flying setup

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    sounds good. I'm ready to set up my quad with fpv, but I'm saving for a silver Hero3.
    Please post any of your issues and resolutions if you have any. I barely know what I'm getting into and it seems like fpv is everywhere with so many different options too.
    I too will be flying about a mile from point "x". So Safe and happy flying to you. Warlock
    HAPPY NEW YEAR rcdiscuss!!!!
    Lets get airborne and have safe fun!

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