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Thread: The Best Lipo Battery for Traxxas Slash

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    The Best Lipo Battery for Traxxas Slash

    Without doubt, the best lipo battery to power the Traxxas is no other than Gens Ace! If you guys never tried out a Gens Ace, you have no idea what you're missing. This thing is by far the most powerful battery for the money. If you are serious about winning, serious about respect, serious about power, then you need Gens Ace! Be a winner today! Available at

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    crock a chit, just for advertiseing

    dude id fuel that thing with a turnigy.

    you gota know that a thread like this would ofcourse get a off the wall answer.

    i did watch the vid but i saw no reason why the battery is any better then anything else. maybe lets se these torture tested on helicopter or maybe on big 1/8 buggy in the sand with big paddles.

    they may be great batteries but saying there the best for traxxas is saying traxxas is the best and thats far from the truth.
    we need to weight price, power and long jevity between a few difrent batteries on the same rig with the same driver on the same track with the same conditions.

    get er done and maybe ill agree if the numbers dont look like there fudged to much, but for now i say its crock a chit and just for advertiseing
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    stop hating evanmiller, gens ace is one of the best if not the best. i like it and all my friends at the track love them too. as for traxxas, i dunno if there's a better brand out there! they are the best!

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    People use gen ace because they are roar approved and inexpensive. Almost all brands of batteries are made in china at the same factory with a different sticker. If you don't need a roar approved pack I recommend a blue 7.4v 4-5000mah hard case. You can get them for 25 bux.

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