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Thread: Blade sr / dynam e-razor 250

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    Blade sr / dynam e-razor 250

    FOR SALE Blade SR- Stock, needs tail motor. Bent tail boom at the moment. Spare parts include 3xtail booms and misc. other stuff. The heli's electronics work perfect. The heli has been crashed while learning to hover only. I had a hard landing causing the blades to hit the tail boom..etc.. Since, there are vibrations only with main blades on.

    Includes-TX, original battery w/charger, extra parts.

    FOR SALE- Dynam E-razor 250 This heli is in good condition. All electronics are perfect. MANY spare parts for this heli. I bent the main shaft and ordered an entire CNC rotor... So there are two. There are many NEW spare parts.

    Includes- FM TX/RX, two batteries (original and brand NEW), MANY spare parts to include an extra CNC whole rotor.

    PRICE: I would like to get

    Blade SR $110 shipped

    Blade CP PRO2 $110 shipped

    E-razor 250 $110 shipped

    I would take $300 for all three shipped

    And will consider trades. I'm looking for a Hirobo Quark, Innovator, or a sport flyer airplane preferably BNF? will consider all.

    Thanks for looking! I can provide further pics if needed.

    PICS can be viewed at following link:

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    Does the E-Razor comes with the case or tx?? or just the helicopter itself?

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