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Thread: Adding flaps to Dynam P-51 1200mm

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    Adding flaps to Dynam P-51 1200mm

    Just ordered the Dynam P-51 and want to add flaps. Has anyone added flaps, is it as easy as cutting out the flap and adding servos, y connector and a reverser? How well do they perform on take off and landing? This will be my first plane with flaps and not sure what to expect. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Adding flaps to Dynam P-51 1200mm

    If you turn one servo the opposite direction of the other you will not need a reverser, just a Y -harness. Flaps are designed to give the plane more lift during takeoffs and landings. Once airborne, you close them and the plane is pretty much the same as before. Not a necessity but an asset if they are set up properly. Particularly on Scale Warbirds that have split flaps.

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    Re: Adding flaps to Dynam P-51 1200mm

    Possibly if your went to the airplane forums they would have more info.
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    I just ordered this plane too. I got the one with the retracts and marker lights also but haven't flown it yet..Have you?? how does it fly? I'm currently installing the flaps on mine's a great looking plane I hope it fly's as good as it looks

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