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Thread: Double horse 9053 mods

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    Double horse 9053 mods

    I got my 9053 about a month ago and from the get go had problems with forward flight. After some searching on the net I found some mods, such as increasing the size of the tail rotor blades and changing the tail motor. When I put the larger blades on I had increased my forward speed but wanted more! I have ordered a np20n motor which is supposed to be stronger but havrnt had any luck installing it. Ive tried 2 different motors and have no forward motion only reverse?? Any ideas? Also would a brushless tailmogor give mme the speed I am looking for or would it be to much for the circuit board? Any suggestions would help!

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    Re: Double horse 9053 mods

    make sure that the motors u r useing dont fry the cheap circuit boards they may draw to many amps under load

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    Re: Double horse 9053 mods

    My friend those heli's are a joke and no matter what you do to it .They will never be what you want.I did all that mod crap to mine and it still was a peice of crap.I was fling mine outside one day and the wind picked up and took it over some power lines and i losed control of it and it went about 150 feet in the air over a road and at that point i didn't care what happened to it and i chopped the trottle and it dropped like a rock into the road and a domino's pizza guy ran right over it.So now i don't have to worry about it no more.It's done.Buy a 4 ch and learn how to fly and then jump up to a 6 ch.3 ch heli's teach you nothing about fling .But they do teach you about being heart broken because they always let you down.Sorry buddy but thats the truth.
    Nitro truggy's in the summer.Heli's in the winter.Life is good

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