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Thread: How Do I Bind My 2.4ghz FLYSKY Radio System?

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    How Do I Bind My 2.4ghz FLYSKY Radio System?

    Put batteries into the transmitter

    Place bind plug into the BATT slot on the receiver

    Connect a receiver battery (6.0v) to any channel on the receiver OR place an esc with battery into channel 3 on receiver

    Press and HOLD bind button on transmitter and turn on transmitter

    Continue holding bind button without releasing and observe the RECEIVER light. The receiver light should go out indicating binding successful. May take up to 10+ seconds

    Remove Bind Plug and place battery into BATT slot OR ESC into channel 3 with battery

    Install servos and test

    If fail. Repeat from step one

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    Re: How Do I Bind My 2.4ghz FLYSKY Radio System?

    This is good info as my Flysky came with two different binding instructions and both were weird = Dana!

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    I FLY LOW,

    Thanks for this old 2010 post--I was going crazy figuring out the bind instructions by experiment.


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    Please check this video. It might be helpful

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