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RCDiscuss.com Community Policies

The RCDiscuss forum is dedicated to provide a friendly and helpful online community where hobbyists can share experiences and talk to others on all Radio Control Models. Please remember that this is and will be a friendly environment for all members and violations will not be tolerated. Violators will be temporarily or permanently removed from these forums.


Topics & Post

When using these forums, please stay on topic in which you are submitting your post. Search first! Chances are others have had the same questions as you and they have been answered. If you do not see a topic for what you are looking for, please post a new topic so others can enjoy and discuss your RC question or insight.

Language & Harassment

Forum language will be English and please refrain from inappropriate words and statements as we want to keep this a pleasant community and informative for everyone. Harassment, racialism, abusive, profane, hateful posts may result in a temporary and/or life ban from our forums.


Spamming, in which a user posts the same message repeatedly in one or multiple forums, is prohibited. Spamming will also be defined as posting advertisements in the general discussion forums for products for sale in the swap shop. Our forum is for questions and discussions. Posting announcements or interesting new product information is information our members want.


Please keep it clean and appropriate. Try to keep your photos to RC related


Posted links need to be user friendly. Please donít link to questionable sites.


RCDiscuss reserves the right at our discretion to remove or restrict any post, image, link or user in any part of these forums. We also reserve the right to remove users for incorrect information.

Actions Subject to Warning and Your Account Suspended

Using multiple accounts is not acceptable on this forum and will result in a warning.
Impersonating another member/staff will result in a warning.
Any signatures or avatars used must not contain explicit or offensive material/images or text abusing other members or staff this will result in a warning. The RCDiscuss staff then reserves the right to access your profile and change images or signatures which may cause offense without notice.
Advertising without our permission will result in a warning.
Links must apply to the TOS rules. Any inappropriate links will result in a warning.
Using obscene or threatening language towards another member will result with a warning and your account being suspended.
Continuous provoking other members or antagonizing members to gain a response will result in a warning and your account being suspended.

The Warning System

RCDiscuss Forum and the staff like to give members every possible opportunity to redeem themselves should they break our rules. For this reason we employ the following warning system before we even consider having to ban an account for minor rule breaks.

Suspended Status

Your account is not available for use during your suspension.
Suspension length may be at the staff members digression and members will be contacted via email where necessary.

Banned Status

Once banned you will not have access to this forum with that account.
If you receive an IP ban you will not be able to access this forum at all.

Non-Supporting Vendors

Non-supporting vendors are welcome to participate on the RCDiscuss.com message board and use its many features with full privileges. However, we must ask that all non-supporting vendors (including agents, dealers, staff, etc.) not advertise or promote any companies, products or services in any way. The use of text, logos, images, links or any other means to advertise promote or obtain potential business while participating on the message board will not be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, all messages, profile signatures or any other communicative features available on RCDiscuss.com. Leaders and members of other boards are also welcome to participate on the RCDiscuss.com message board and use its many features with full privileges. However, as with non-supporting vendors, we also request that you not advertise or promote your board in any way.

A Moderator's Decision

We live by these rules, and any moderator action is due to an infringement. We don't moderate on content, but we do enforce these rules.

Challenging a moderator in public for their action will lock you down, all abilities to post and edit will be removed.

I feel that a moderator has acted unfairly. What can I do?

If you feel that a moderator has taken inappropriate action, there is a set procedure you can take to resolve this issue. Creating a thread about the problem in public is not the proper procedure.

1) Send a PM to the moderator that you believe has acted unfairly. State your case in clear, polite terms. See if you can resolve the issue with this moderator first. If you do not know which moderator to message, you can send your message to any moderator who is online.

2) If you can not resolve the issue with the moderator in question, you may then contact one Global Moderator to state your case. Your complaint will be posted in the staff only area for review by other staff members. Once a final decision has been made regarding the situation, you will be informed.

3) If you have a complaint regarding the actions or decisions of a Global Moderator, you can send those complaints to the Administrator. As with the other messages, please be clear and to the point.

When you are moderated for an infraction or infringement, you may receive a PM as to why. If it was a blatant infringement, it will be deleted with no notice. If not, it is acceptable to send a civil note to the moderators requesting the reason. We don't sent messages for general scrubbing or cleanup of banter or chatter.

Discussing Concerns about Forum Admins

If you have a concern about an action that a forum leader (administrator or moderator) demonstrated, send the leader a private message expressing your concerns. Re-creating locked threads, public questioning of moderator actions and attacks against moderators will result in your posting privileges being suspended or permanently removed. RCDiscuss.com reserves the right to remove any post that does not relate to the topic being discussed or is considered inappropriate on the board. In addition, RCDiscuss.com reserves the right to organize message boards (or folders) in order to best serve the majority of our members. For example, narrow-interest or minimal activity topics may, at RCDiscuss.com's discretion, be relocated to a more appropriate forum, or deleted entirely. RCDiscuss.com also reserves the right to prohibit or delete messages that are thought to violate applicable law or that may be harmful to other members, or the rights of RCDiscuss.com or others. With that said, RCDiscuss.com does not have the practical ability to restrict conduct or communications that might violate RCDiscuss.com rules. Nor can we ensure prompt removal of offending message board posts. We encourage members to report offending posts and threads to bring them to our attention so they may be dealt with as quickly as possible. We also reserve the right to remove your RCDiscuss.com membership should you violate its rules or should we deem necessary. Any decision to ban a member for abuse of any of these rules, or for whatever reason, will be made by the administrator team.