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Thread: General RC question

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    General RC question

    I just want to say that if anyone has questions about RC electric or nitro car, plane, drone and helicopter, you can feel free to inquire and I will do my best to answer. I just want to keep Forum activities for those of you who would have some technical problems with RC products.

    Don't be afraid..! because I prefer a person who ask a question and looks ignorant for a second, than someone who never asks and remains ignorant for the rest of his life.

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    Gotten rather lonely around here
    1 quad
    DJI Flame wheel

    1 Hexcopter
    DJI 550.
    Full FPV now

    4 channel
    MJX F-49, waiting on arrival

    Blade Red Bull 130
    Walkera 35--
    Walkera 36B--
    Walkera 68B X3
    Walkera V450D01
    Walkera V500D01
    Align 450 SA.
    Align 450 waiting
    Blade 450 3D waiting

    On Hexcopter Boscam HD19 works very well.

    Fly HIGH
    Well, not over 400 ft, or the FAA will get you

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    Hi Mr Toners..! I'm glad to see that you're still there and I find it sad that most of the great oldtimers like you, have left the forum on witch we had some good exchanges and great experiences sharing. Anyhow things are what they are and the great memories exist only in my mind now.

    However I hope that some of the new members will interact on the forum before the Lord Jesus arrives on earth... Just kidding..!
    Knowledge gained is lost forever if not passed on.

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