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Thread: Syma S107 Controller Problems

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    Syma S107 Controller Problems

    Order #yhst94582326164583-701101

    I must say I was very impressed with XHeli customer service. One of the controllers I ordered was malfunctioning and XHeli shipped out a replacement immediately.

    Unfortunately the replacement transmitter is now repeating the same malfunction....i.e. the left hand control stick has a dead spot at about 1/3 throttle.

    Any assistance that you can render will be greatly appreciated. I am more than happy to return a controller to XHeli.

    Thanks in Advance, Frank

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    It would be odd for both controllers to be bad, I think that there might be something wrong with the unit itself. If you want I can process a return for exchange for the unit.
    There seems to be an issue where I'm no longer receiving notifications from the forum to my email. If you now send me a PM I no longer get notified. Leave me a message and I will get back to it as soon a possible if you have any issues with your order.

    If you need assistance right away please send me a private message, I have my inbox linked with my email and I get notified pretty quick. I generally will get back to you right away unless I'm busy with other things in the office.
    Please note that if you send the private message after 5PM PST I will most likely not get back to you till the following business day as I would of left the office already. My hours are M-F 9-5 PM PST, if you send me a PM over the weekend I will not get back to you till the following Monday.

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