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Thread: Hello anybody out there?

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    Hello anybody out there?

    Here's a little piece we wrote, if there's anyone out there, let us know if you love it or hate it.

    5 Employees You Meet at a Hobby Shop

    We all have a local Hobby Shop that we love (or hate; sorry if that's your situation). Most RC hobby shops also come with a variety of employee types you can count on to help you with all your R/C needs. If you've visited enough RC shops or have been going to one long enough, you'll definitely have to deal with a range of characters, from the very best to the very worst. Here's our Top 5 RC Hooby Shop Staff types.

    1. The Lifer

    He's been working there since the shop opened 50 years ago. R/C cars have been around for a long time but this guy will let you know that models and train sets have been around for longer. He's a probably a really nice guy overall but swears that "these damn drones are ruining the hobby." He sees anything that came after his era as just a fad, if it doesn't have gas in it or take 100 hours to build, he thinks it's a toy. He truly cares for the hobby, he loves it, and doesn't care for those without the patience to learn about it.

    Most common phrase: "Back in my day it didn't have a button to do it for you. You actually had to learn it!"

    2. The Cashier Girl

    You call in to make sure the store has the part you need, and she accidentally hangs up on you when she puts you on hold. You just drove 45 minutes to find out the shop just sold out of the part you need but when she gives you the bad news it makes everything okay. She's that high school girl that knows more about your hobby than you do.

    Most common phrase: "Oh really? Wow, that's cool." *eye roll*

    3. The MAN

    This is your go-to guy. He is the R/C god among men. Every time you walk in, you pray he's working. If you have a question, he has an answer, suggestion, and cool examples to show you. You don't even want to bother to go to anyone else, he is your savior. He's a really a nice dude, good driver, pilot, and captain. If it has a remote control, he's the best at driving it. You know this guy by the line of people at his counter waiting just to talk to him. He's sponsored by all the brands you love.

    Most common phrase: "I mean, you could probably try (insert miracle idea here)."

    4. The Newbie

    This is probably his first job in a hobby store. Ever, actually. He's into RC but doesn't know too much about it. This could go 1 of 2 ways, he's gone in 3 months or he's still there in 30 years. Either way, if you catch him when he's still fresh, he'll do his best to help you find what you're looking for. He's likely to blow up some LiPo's by accident when he's just trying to help but, he's learning. Give him a shot, will ya'?

    Most common phrase: "I'm not sure, let me find out for you."

    5. The Know-It All (aka, the A**hole)*

    HOW DOES HE STILL HAVE A JOB? You've asked him for help on something 3 times but he hasn't turned around. He's got a habit of telling you that something would never work but his only solution is to buy a whole new setup. The worst thing about this guy is he's usually right (this is why he still has a job...). He's the guy to ask if you need that one obscure upgrade part you've been looking for. Just like a monster you may encounter on a quest, you have to tame him before he gives you what you want.

    Most common phrase: "No."

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    Nice parable I'd say

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