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Thread: FMS MINI BF109 (camo) Help.

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    FMS MINI BF109 (camo) Help.

    Hello all! I'm new around here, but I've been flying Parkzone Ultra Micro's for a while. However, I just bought my first larger plane and I've been having some trouble getting it off the ground.

    I have an FMS Mini BF 109, which is an 800mm scale warbird. My trouble is keeping it going straight during take off. It tends to swerve around a little bit, resulting in it skidding sideways. I already broke the prop during a take off attempt when it decided to turn sideways and pitch forward during deceleration. I've been trying to gradually give it throttle, but I've noticed in many videos people just hammer it full throttle. Plus I've been trying to take off of an asphalt surface which is only a little bumpy, but I've had no trouble getting my UMX's off the ground on it. Just looking for a little help!


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    These 800mm birds are a challenge for experienced fliers. Being in the same boat as you, couldn't understand why I could fly my micro Warbirds all day long, but couldn't get ANY of my minis off the ground, started putting gyros in them, and never looked back. BIG money saver, and the initial investment is only a few dollars...mine (gyros) have paid for themselves several times over just in props I don't break anymore, not to mention wings and fuselages...
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    The 800s are a different animal especially the V1s. CG is very sensitive and critical. If flying with anything less then a computer radio your going to struggle. Turn the expo up and turn the d/r down. They're more difficult to fly then any parkzone warbird. They glide like bricks and require you to fly them. For their size they're pretty heavy so wing loading is high which means they will stall quickly and violently. Don't expect to cut the throttle and glide especially on landings of in the turns. Keep the throttle on!

    There is a nice thread on them (whole 750/800mm series) over at RCG.

    They're a blast though:

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    Well, I'm still waiting on the spare propellers I ordered, but I have been doing some research.

    After learning about how tail draggers have a terrible tendency to do exactly what I've been having problems with (tail looping), I questioned, maybe it would be smart for me to purchase the T28 Trojan 800mm. One, because it has a reputation for being the best flying 800mm warbird and two, because it has tricycle gear. I figured since they are the same size plane, it would benefit me to fly a trainer plane before I stepped into the fighter plane. Who would have thought you need to fly a trainer rc plane before you fly a warbird!

    I have also been flying the E-Flite Carbon Cub UMX, which I might add is a beautiful plane to fly, and have been getting some experience with getting a larger tail dragger off the ground. Though it's not to much bigger than an Ultra Micro, It's still a larger tail dragger than what I'm used to. Haven't crashed the Carbon Cub yet, but I have seen the tendency to slide about during take off and landing. Looks like getting that 109 off the ground is going to require a little more work.

    Thanks for the help though!

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    Well, the props finally came in. Got it off the ground for a good 10 seconds and noticed the uncontrollable left rolling. Pulled off the throttle and surely enough it became controllable. Not sure how to combat the torque roll but the wings are gone now , say goodbye to the BF109!

    Not sure what I'll buy next. Maybe the Airfield T28 from Nitroplanes, I'll stay away from BF109's for now.

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    Good news!

    Finally got the 109 back together and have been able to fly it about 5 times so far!

    Doesn't have the best flight characteristics and has a nasty tip stall,but still a fun plane to fly!

    It doesn't track well in turns, kind of turns like a drifter, but I still enjoy flying it.

    Unfortunately the landing gear is a pretty shotty design and causes the plane to bounce around during take off and landing which can make some landings pretty ugly.
    Regardless, the plane flies! Think my next plane is going to be an 1100mm P47 from Hobby King!

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