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Thread: FlySky FS-GT3C Power Button

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    FlySky FS-GT3C Power Button

    Anyone else having a problem with the power on the FS-GT3C going on and off when the steering is turned on the transmitter? My transmitter has had very little use (maybe 2 hours max). The power was spurious at first but then it quit completely. What's up with that?

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    Really surprised such a common complaint was left unanswered. You probably
    already know the score - but just to help make the record here complete...

    Answer: The symptom you describe is the number one glitch with the FS-GT3C.
    There are several mods suggested on for relocating the power
    switch. This one mod is considered mandatory on this model by many.

    Another solution is replace it with a FS-GT3b or go all the way and move
    up to the incredible FS-iT4.

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