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Thread: Minipop issue

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    Minipop issue

    Hello all, I have a minipop question and not sure if this is the correct place but i am sure someone knows information. It is my first plane, and second flying rc, so here is the problem. I am not sure if this means if my cg is off or its a settings . when i launch i will put it up high first. if i let go of the stick it starts doing downward loops. So would this be a servo. CG, or that i don't know how to adjust my flaps (which i don't) using dx6.

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    Sounds like it could be a combination of CG and SUBTRIMS - not to be confused with trims on the face of your Dx6i.

    Were there decent instructions in the package? - They will usually give you a good jump off point for measuring CG location on the wing - this is a general guidline --- pushers can be a bit funny

    Your subtrims is a menu in your tx - elevato is what you will want to add some +/- to not in large increments mind you.-- test, then re-test as well as checking CG

    Good luck & welcome!

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