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Thread: pending shipment

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    pending shipment

    Hello, I was wondering about an order we placed.


    Looking at the order online it is still pending shipment.
    What I was wondering was since we paid extra for the 3 day shipping, and before the 3 day deadline as well, is this order still going to make to us this week?

    Will they upgrade the shipping at no cost if it doesn't make it out today?

    If anything is holding up the order, can the mastadon just ship out, that is an xmas present for the kiddo.

    Please help me Charlie.

    Thank you much.

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    The orders take about 1-2 business days to process. The order was inputted into our system on the 17th and was processed yesterday afternoon. The packing slip was made and the order is with the shipping department. UPS will be by shortly to pick up the package, when they do we'll email you the tracking number for the package.


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