Okay, guys, so this is my last effort for this year.
I'm done with the yellow shell and I'm sending it off to my friend Kevin, so he can have some fun with it. I certainly had
Next year is almost here and I will be changing to green color.
And if all will go well I will also change my set up to CS 2.0.
It will require some learning, but that is actually the fun point,
so I'm looking forward to it.
I hope you can enjoy this video and keep watching my videos in the year 2013.
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I also made this soundtrack to the video.
If you like any of my music, you can download it from the address bellow.
Feel free to use it as long as you give credit to MSPDawgs/Kezo

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Thanks for watching and happy drifting to you all!

Chassis - Yokomo Drift package Basic with Stage 2 upgrade
Motor - Yokomo 27T drift tuned brushed
Yokomo's Front One Way
Body - HPI's Mazda RX-8
Tires - RC-ART (ART5001) extra hard
High speed steering servo (FUTABA BLS-451)
Transmitter is also Futaba (4PL-2.4G)

NO D box!!!!

Original music by MSPDawgs/Kezo