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Thread: Motor and ESC basic questions

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    Exclamation Motor and ESC basic questions

    I've just received the Detram combo motor and speed control. The speed controller says its 40A and the motor says it's 3800KV so I'm going with that to start. In the instructions it says don't run the motor "free". I guess this means without a load on it such as a prop or heli drive train. Why? A servo motor such as this I would think would be able to run free since the speed is precisely controlled with the pulse train from the controller. I generally test my motor esc combos with a quick run-up before putting them in the plane or heli to be used. This hasn't been a problem before. With some mfg you might as well test the motor before installing because there's some chance it's not going to work right out of the box. At any rate, I plugged the esc to the battery with the transmitter set as stated in the instructions and no beeps. Receiver is on and working but the esc is not. So, I'm thinking that the motor has to be connected for the esc to power up and go through the diagnostics. Is this true? This is the second set of this motor esc that I've received because the other one when connected up (with motor connected as well) spooled up and the esc made no noises at all. Then within seconds the esc began to smoke. again, the receiver was working fine with the ESC BEC but when I throttled up, smoke poured out of the motor wiring side of the esc. I'm not interested in going through this again. My transmitter is set as stated in the instructions but I'm hesitant to go farther. Can any one give me more detailed instructions as to how to test this motor esc combo safely?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    The ESC uses the motor as a speaker when it generates the beeps; without a motor, silence. I don't understand the admonition to not run the motor 'free', unless they mean, not mounted? The ESC should not enable motor start unless it detects low throttle first, but if the transmitter is off, no telling what the receiver may tell it to do; if it does start the motor, and the transmitter is on at minimum throttle, there is already something wrong with it. Smoking may be an indication of a shorting motor, or just a defective ESC. The 'standard' process is to initialize with the transmitter on and at full throttle, plug in the ESC and wait for a beep, then quickly move the throttle to minimum. There are a few ESCs which differ; I have one that requires you start with the throttle at minimum, then take it to maximum, then back to minimum, before it will arm, so it learns the throttle range and safes the motor at the same time.

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    Thanks for the help. Apparently the motor esc combo that I have now, is very quiet. You can hear the beeps but just barely. So, I got it running and programmed after all. I didn't realize that the motor was the "speaker" on these. Good to know!

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