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Thread: Approach and Landing

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    Approach and Landing

    I have two planes a revolver and an edge. When I make my final approach with my revolver the plane comes down when I reduce the power and I am able to settle in for a nice landing. However when I am making my approach with the Edge the plane lifts up in the air about 10 or 15 feet then I have to give it some power so it will not stall and at the same time worry about running out of runway. I have tried nose weight, tail weight and down thrust and nothing seems to work.

    Does anyone have a suggestion that might make this plane not tend to elevate and allow me to make a nice landing just the I do with my Revolver.

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    you nhave 2 very straight forward options to try. One make a closer steeper base to final approach and reuce the throttle earlier than just above the runway. This will eliminate any power changes once you start to bring the nose up for landing. Your next option would be to make a shallow approach and leave some power in all the way through the touchdown. Instead of trying to get a full stall 3 point landing work on trying to get it to "fly" onto the ground. I had a Great planes Extra that would not land in a 3 point stance no matter what I tried. I got used to landing it on te mains and then settling the tail down. I added a little resistance to the tail wheel to avoid over runs on the runway. My Fliton Extra also does not like to land without power and if I get it to a slow approach and chop power it has a tendency to do exactly what you are describing. I usually come in with a little bit of power and it settles it down nicely. Once I got used to this way it will actually land slower and smoother by keeping some power in and getting on the "back side of the power curve".

    Try both of these methods at about 40 feet up on an imaginary runway and see how it handles. then take what you learn and apply it to the actual runway. Most planes, if balanced right will lock into a pitch attitude and unless you change it with elevator or power will continue on the same path.

    Remember the Revolver is designed as a sport plane and will be a little more docile and the Edge is a 3D style plane so they are doing exactly what they were designed to do. Good luck
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    hang on the elevator as powering coming of and slow her down. it might just be very slick airframe and doesnt want to slow

    im looking at getting a revolver one of these days.

    sweet birds you have

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