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Thread: Best glue for epo foam???

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    Best glue for epo foam???

    does anyone you formula 560 canopy glue for foam aircraft?

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    Ive never tried that glue, but i really like using Polyurethane Glue on foam, works great. Probably the most well know brand maybe gorilla glue, but all the same i imagine. You just have to mix it with water, and put on your parts, it foams up in about 30 minutes, dry in about an hour when you add with water. If i want a stronger bond or less sanding to do you can compress the foam as its curing, very strong bond and lightweight, dries like its foam itself. Bonded the wing on my Eflite Hawker Hurricane with that stuff, and has not failed throught 3 crashes thus far, and no signs of fatigue or wear. Super strong stuff when done right.

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