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Thread: What does the T-# mean in brushless motors

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    Question What does the T-# mean in brushless motors

    I'm upgrading my Infinitive EP to brushless.
    What does the T-# mean on brushless motors,( I'm assuming it means the number of windings or turns) or
    does it mean the teeth on the gear.
    If it's turns then, what is the significants of that when trying to choose a brushless upgrade.

    Any and all input welcome

    Dave P

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    Its equivalent to Turns on a brushed motor.. Do some research, most models have a min/max KV rating... My 2WD SCT for instance, can run a 17.5T (1900KV) Min.. and a 8.5T (5000KV) Max... KV in motor speak is RPM/VOLT.. A good starting point is a setup like this....

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