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Thread: First post in night flying!

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    Kaos..great video and wow ! some lights you have there !

    I did a session about 3 weeks ago with the V200...just on dusk to getting dark. When the heli was low, I couldn`t really see the outline of it properly, so I was flying by the lights. Very interesting. The 2 lights on the front are very bright, so it`s easy to tell when the heli is nose in.

    Only problem this time of year here, at night, with bush behind me, is snakes.

    and she said " What are you doin today ? ".
    and I said " Nothing ".
    and she said " But you did that yesterday ".
    and I said "I haven`t finished yet ".

    F103 Avatar co-ax......loved it
    NE Solo Pro 260A fp...lovin it
    Walkera V200D01 fp...learnin it
    Walkera Mini cp.........likin it a lot
    WL V959 Quad...........lightin it up
    450 Flamewheel........lookin to fpv

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    I am new to night flying - haven't done it before.

    Can anyone advise where & how do I connect the lights after fixing them to the heli/aircraft ?

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    very nice lighting!

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    That's pretty cool, I have also been thinking about getting an electric plane but they burn up the battery power very fast so i run them on separate batteries. The quad may be moire stable with a little more weight so I am going to use a very small lipo for the lights when I decide to get them. Find more at Nitrotek

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