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Thread: Binding problems: Esky ET6 Tx and EK2-0426 Rx

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    Binding problems: Esky ET6 Tx and EK2-0426 Rx

    Two observations:

    1)When used with the ET6 tx, the EK2-0426 rx may take between 1 and 20 seconds to "lock in" when you power it up to fly. I had expected it to power up the same each time, and sometimes thought it wasn't locking in - I just wasn't waiting long enough.

    2)With 2 of the voltage indicator LED's lighted on the ET6 tx, the red blinking LED (and rf module) may function intermittently on power-up. It may fail to operate with the power switch turned on for a number of times in a row, and then work the next couple of times you turn it on! Evidently, the fact that you have only 4 batteries in the tx makes the battery state more critical. If your red LED fails to flash and then go solid when the tx is switched on, replace the batteries. The voltage indicator is a little more forgiving than the rf module. If you try rechargeable batteries, the lower terminal voltage they have may mean you'll need to recharge sooner than you would think necessary.

    I hope this helps somebody! I was afraid I would have to pack the tx up and send it back...

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    Re: Binding problems: Esky ET6 Tx and EK2-0426 Rx

    Yep, the Esky 2.4ghz can be a little tricky till you get the hang of it.

    Good advice about the rechargable batteries. I forgot that nicads are only 1.2v vs 1.5v for alkiline battery.

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