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  1. SKILLISM 2014 - Project 20 Keep It Sideways

    In this video I tried my new slide. It is little wider but I think more fun :)
    Also I tested the SPEEDLINE's Progressive 2 Levels Springs.
    They worked excellent and I would gladly recommend them...
  2. SKILLISM 2014 - Project 19 Need For Drift

    My newest video is out!
    Check out those Speedline Banners and Flags that I got from Oospeed Studio!
    I did a jump at the and and basically kept it sideways :)
    p.s. There are some white artifacts...
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    SKILLISM 2014 - Project 18 Summer Drift

    My newest video is up! Check it out!
    Over all it was a great day out! I have used the 2.2 Speedline wheels again.
    This time front was offset 5 but rear was offset10. It worked very well!
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    SKILLISM 2014 - Project 17 Ups and Downs

    Hi Guys!
    I wasn't able to any videos for a while due to rain and typhoons, so I am bit rusty :)
    In this video I tried a ramp and a slide ("Rampaslide").
    All in one. It was a good day out. About...
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    SKILLISM 2014 - Project 16 Ball-khana

    In this video I tried something new! After seeing Ken Block's Boobkhana,
    I thought there must be something deeper thank girls showing off their bouncing boobs in Ken's super machine.
    So I took my...
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    SKILLISM 2014 - Project 15 "Sea-Saw"

    Hi guys!
    In this video I tried something new... a sea-saw.
    It worked out okay, just not what i have planed for. So there will be work done on this trick.
    In the mean time, please enjoy it as it...
  7. SKILLISM 2014 - Project 14 "In Your Face"

    Hi guys!
    This is my new video. I finally got the weather on my side.
    It is a rain season here and so it is hard to find a day when it is nice and dry, but I managed it!
    It was good fun! I tried...
  8. Session at Tobe LunLun Drift circuit - June 7th 2014

    Hi Guys, DRIFT69 here!
    This is a run at my local drift circuit (LunLun). It was great fun and special thanks to セクロスRC
    for letting me mount my camera on his car :) using my Spinny mount, Roof...
  9. SKILLISM 2014 - Project 12 Back to the Future

    Music that I have used in this video with kind permission is by Alien Nation.
    The song is "Slowly Walking" from the album Wonderland!.
    Check it out...
  10. M.E.D.T. RC Tires Changer - Review by Drift69

    Hi guys! Here is my video review of the M.E.D.T Tires Changer
    that I have received from OOSPEED Studio.
    I'm usually behind the camera, so I hope you will forgive me my presentation
    and that you...
  11. SKILLISM 2014 - Project 11 Golden Week Gymkhana 8

    Hi Guys!
    In this video I went to near by city of Imabari, Ehime, Japan!
    It was just before one of the major Japanese Holidays started. The Golden Week.
    I made this Gymkhana video with help of my...
  12. SKILLISM 2014 - Project 10 Blast from the Past

    In this video I used my old body shells as obstacles,
    practicing my SLIDING SKILLISM Skills :)
    If you find the video worth it, please leave a comment, subscribe or/and share it with others.
  13. SKILLISM 2014 - Project 9 April Fools Day Gymkhana 7

    It was April 1st and I would be a fool not to get out there and not to make a new video!
    I hope you will enjoy this Gymkhana set and drop me a comment...
  14. SKILLISM 2014 - Project 8 Round Around the Pool!

    In this video I went to my favorite place, the pool at Children's castle playground in Tobe, Ehime, Japan.
    It was good fun and I enjoyed the quiet...
  15. SKILLISM 2014 - Project 7 MONOGRA + GoPro Swivel mount
    This is my new video featuring MONOGRA limited edition body! At the beginning of the video,
    there are few shots using my home made spiny GoPro mount! ...
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    SKILLISM 2014 - Project 6 SKiILL PARKiNG

    In this episode I practiced difficult part of SKiLL Concept, SKiLL Parking. I enjoy this discipline very much.
    It doesn't take up too much space and...
  17. SKILLISM 2014 - Project 5 Drift69 presents LunLun drift circuit in Tobe, Japan

    This week I went to visit my local drift circuit, LunLun. I had fun filming and meeting people.
    I hope you can enjoy this video and share it with your...
  18. SKILLISM 2014 - Project 4 Close Encounters of the DRIFT kind

    Today was a very windy and cold day! I had lot's of trouble with keeping my car under control.
    I always felt like it is pushed away by the wind....
  19. SKILLISM 2014 - Project 3 "Wheels, wheels and more wheels"
    Wheels, wheels wheels. We have ton's of them. Used, new, but what to do with them.
    In today's video I tried to use them as obstacles. I hope you will...
  20. SKILLISM 2014 - Project 2 Left, Right and Under by Drift69

    My newest video is out! This time a little course made at the Kodomono Shiro (Children's Castle) in Japan.
    Lots of sideways action, I hope you will enjoy it and share it if you think is worth it....
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    SKILLISM 2014 - RC Drift by Drift69

    Hi Guys!
    The new year has come and after a short break (I had a bolt pulled out of my leg, just before Christmas) I'm back drifting.
    Check out my new body , the HPI's Nissan Skyline GTR R35!
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    SKILLISM 2013 - Project 23 Tight Places
    In this video I have tested new props that I have made last week.
    I am planning to use them in my upcoming videos and can't wait to
    make some more....
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    RC Version of Gymkhana SIX by Drift69
    Hi Guys!
    After watching Ken Block's new Gymkhana SIX I had to go out and do it my self.
    I post it once with no music and after that with Music and slow...
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    SKILLISM 2013 - Project 21 Tight Spot
    This video was not well planed. I had many kids running around me all the time and it was hard to focus.
    Nerveless I tried my best. It was a beautiful day...
  25. SKILLISM 2013 - Project 20 The Head Spinner
    This is my new video that I made last week. I went to my favorite drift place on Sunday.
    Had to chase the kids away but it was still good fun :)

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