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    3D Streamer Combat, In SLOW MOTION

    Hey guys

    I shot this video a few weeks ago and it turned out AWESOME! I really think you're going to love it. I used a multi-rotor to get some really cool angles!

    The planes are called...
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    Beast Biplane Crashes HARD! AS3X Fail

    This is the new E-flite Beast 60e, and it didn't have a good day. The problem came when the pilot switched into "Sport" mode instead of "3D" which he had done his setup in.
    Turns out if a control...
  3. Onboard a stunt plane!! High Speed, Slow Motion, Bring a Bucket!

    Today we take this amazing Extra 300 for a spin and best of all there's a camera onboard!
    Turn up the volume, play it full screen, and hold your puck bucket close. Your about to go for a wild...
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    Parkzone Focke-Wulf 190: Epicness

    Parkzone just keeps pumping them out! This baby is the new FW-190A-8, better known as the Focke-Wulf! The star of the German military this baby shot down enough Alliance fighters to earn the nickname...
  5. Micro of the Month! Parkzone P-51D Mustang UMX

    Micro of the Month features a new Micro every month that the viewers choose!

    This month we look at the Parkzone UMX Mustang with AS3X.
    Its one beautiful bombshell, and it can fly too! Its cheap,...
  6. The E-flight Splendor: Ugly frame, Stupid name, AMAZING plane!

    This is odd. Its a pattern plane made by E-flight, its big, its powerful and its red and purple!
    I wont judge it by its colour scheme but I did judge it by its name. The "Splendor", better be...
  7. Seagul Yak 54- Electric conversion masterpiece

    This is the Seagul Yak 54. Designed for nitro engines, our friend Pete lovingly converted her over to Electric without any problems!
    Getting the balance perfect is a necessity with every plane,...
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    INSANE RC Heli- The Goblin 700!

    RC Helicopters are exciting, adrenalin pumping, scary, poop your pants worthy machines of DEATH! And this one is no exception. This is the new and CRAZY Goblin 700! We clocked this baby at 125 km/h,...
  9. 3D Hobby Shop AJ Slick 540! 42 Inches of AWESOME

    This is the Slick 540, designed by Andrew Jesky (AJ) and lovingly sold by 3D Hobby Shop for the splendid price of $149! What a bargain! This plane is amazing. Never have I seen a 42" 3 cell plane fly...
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    Mustang Maiden ends in SMASH Landing!

    This is the beautiful Hangar-9 P-51 Bluenose Mustang, and this maiden flight was a thrill to watch. Flew like a champ and Brent really knew what he was doing.
    Sadly a misjudged landing approach was...
  11. Slow Mo Stunt Foam! 3D EPP, AcroMaster and VisionAire!

    The magic of technology has given us this amazing thing called "Slow Motion". Enjoy the view of the AcroMaster, VisionAire and the EPP 3DHobbyShop Slick!
  12. New Parkzone VisionAire begins with 3D, ends with a SMASH!!

    This new VisionAire is very interesting. The AS3X is interesting and it would have already been one heck of a plane without it!
    In this video the VisionAire is put through its paces, but...
  13. ANGRY BIRDS HELICOPTER! The Duct Tape Canopy Beauty

    This is fantastic. Its a Miniature Aircraft Whiplash with a slight modification, Angry Birds style!
    Its been done with none other then Duct Tape and it looks GREAT!

    If this video can get 5000...
  14. Drones for Aerial Surveying + an EPIC Launcher!

    Robert at NuvAero is at it again! He's built his company an amazing antonymous drone purpose built for the oil patch to create 3D Orthomosiac images used in pipeline and well exploration!
    Its quite...
  15. Snow Grave Digger vs Snow Racer?? Homemade awesomeness.

    Whats Up!

    Ok we've all seen RC trucks with ski's on them, there a lot of fun but have there problems. Well this is a little different!
    This is a home made "Snow Racer" built out of some wood,...
  16. NEW Extreme Flight MSX-EXP: The best maiden flight EVER

    Hey guys. This is the BRAND NEW MXS 3D from Extreme Flight. Its a 63" bird of wonder with the "Pro Package" under the hood. That means its got there signature "Torque" series motor and 80amp...
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    Slow motion rc awesomeness!

    RC videos are sweet.. RC SlowMo videos are Sweeter!! Prepare yourself for sime RC Aircraft Awesomeness including a bunch of helicopters, some great foamies, and some 3D aerobatic action! IN SLOW...
  18. RC's in Daily Life: Part 1- The Annoyed Wife

    If you have a wife, girlfriend, significant other, then you will know exactly the kind of look your about to see in this video.

    RC's in Daily Life is a experiment in using RC anythings to do...
  19. RC Flying Ghost!! Halloween will never be the same

    Could there be anything cooler? This is a quadcopter that simply carries a Walmart flashing ghost! Couldn't be easier, yet couldn't be cooler!
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    RC Plane nearly KILLS the Camera Man!

    No joke this was the absolute closest iv ever had a plane near me while moving.. This was shot during the Limbo competition, if you missed it I dont blame you. There was so much awesome in that video...
  21. BEAUTIFUL Custom Hughes 500 Military RC Heli!

    Can you believe this thing? Its a Masterfully built and absolute gorgeous Hughes 500 Defender, with a Trex 550 inside! What a great job! Check this thing out!
  22. YEAH RIGHT.. you'd get one pass.. The streamer...

    YEAH RIGHT.. you'd get one pass.. The streamer would be sucked into the blades so fast.. That repair bill would be WAY more then $50
  23. EXTREME RC LIMBO!! with crashes of course!!

    Ok you read that right. RC limbo is incredibly fun, competitive, and dangerous as you will see.. We have two tall aluminum poles that we tie a streamer to, and go underneath it! Sounds easy right!...
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    900 LED lights on a SUPERCUB!! With a CRASH

    Have you seen night flying before? Its awesome.. Have you seen night flying like this before?? I doubt it. This is what 900 LED lights on a Hobbyzone Supercub looks like. Its INSANE!! You pretty much...
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    Home Built Foam F22 Raptor!

    This wicked foamie was built by Mike Jacobson, a fan of the channel who donated this project of his for some serious testing! He did a great job building this little thing and as you can tell from...
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