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    WL V911 mod with mini camera on 60 feet above

    WL V911 mod with mini camera on 60 feet above. I have modified mini camera into V911 by original batterry. Took the time over 60 feet for taking a photo 3 minutes with mini hard wind. I couldn't see...
  2. This is my girlfriend first time flying with WL V911 4ch outdoor strong wind.

    I have teached her about mini helicopter with 3ch 2level blade rotor first and she can play it well then she was trying to practicing with WL V911 4ch micro helicopter. So I think that you can play...
  3. nice :-)) controler.

    nice :-)) controler.
  4. I have taken M41A3 Henglong in Short Movie;D

    ;D Hi every one, I am the newone here. My three of M41A3 Henglong tanks were problem with unsmoking. I do not know how to do. I afraid it will broken all then I just took camera to keep it forever...
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