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  2. Interested in joining the Gens Ace Gold Team?

    Hello Applicants,
    Gens Ace USA has teamed up with HobbyPartz to gather an elite squad of RC Drivers within the United States. We are looking for some of the top RC competitors to join our team and...
  3. New 2.4G Walkera FPV Devo-100 Mini Lama RC Helicopter w/ On-Board 5.8Ghz Micro Spycam

    Get it here:

    The Walkera FPV 100 Mini Lama...
  4. Super Detailed World War 2 Remote Control F4U Corsair Warbird by Airfield RC

    Get it here:
    RTF -
    ARF -
    KIT -...
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    Very nice 350 watt power supply

    The Thunder T350 is a powerful AC to DC switching power supply. This full featured power supply out-puts up to 15V 350 Watt DC power. Boasting enough...
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    New Airwing Bobcat RC Jet Quick Preview
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    New Airwing Bobcat EDF RC Jet Review

    Johnny takes out the new Airwing bobcat for a spin.

    Get it here -

    The Bobcat also known to some as the...
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    RC Car VS Godzilla Nissan GTR

    Well the challenger has accepted the race and it's on! It was a very close race in terms of speed but the GTR is just too much of a beast. BUT we'll...
  9. Win a FREE Gaming Laptop and a FREE Game by CyberPower

    Anyone interested to win a FREE Gaming Laptop and a FREE Game? Our friends at CyberPower Inc. is giving one lucky fan a legendary Fangbook HX7-200 gaming laptop PLUS the all-new Skyrim: Legendary...
  10. R/C Car vs 550hp Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2

    We all know you thought about it and we've though about it. Now we are going to do it. RC vs Supercars is a new segment we started and hopefully takes...
  11. 2013 Best GTR Skyline RC Drift Cars Remix

    This was the awesome & sponsored 1/10th scaled drift track set up and hosted by Harris, Team Dori and Limited Traction. This was definitely one of the most detailed and...
  12. RCX 2013 Show Recap by HobbyPartz/NitroRCX

    Check out a recap of NitroRCX/Hobbypartz/Nitroplanes and XHeli at the 2013 RCX Show
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    Try this ...

    Try this

    Or some search queries on Youtube...
  14. Are you interested blackwing?

    Are you interested blackwing?
  15. WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulation to theLEDwheel...

    WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulation to theLEDwheel for winning the Thunder AC6 LiPo Charger Sweepstake! Make sure your PM is open to receive instruction on how to claim your prize. Allow 24-48 hours for...
  16. Win a FREE Thunder AC6 Lipo Charger - ONE Lucky Winner TBA 5/20/13

    Hey guys! Hobbypartz here! Just want to drop in a give out a FREE BRAND NEW Thunder AC6 Charger to ONE LUCKY RCDiscuss Member! All you need to enter to win is to make at least ONE POST under this...
  17. Lipos For All Your Radio RC Transmitters!

    Get it here:

    Never use AA batteries again. With the new gens ace packs you are set for a long time without the need for a...
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    Very nice indeed!

    Very nice indeed!
  19. Very interesting!

    Very interesting!
  20. Thread: pby

    by hobbypartz

    Good stuff!

    Good stuff!
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    New Solar servos

    Check them out at Hobbypartz
  22. Anybody ever wonder what makes a servo brand better than other brands?

    Whoever can answer this will be rewarded with something nice to your rcdiscuss account!
  23. Gens Ace 60c for 450 to 700 Rc Helicopters (Align Trex, Mikado, Logo, Thunder Tiger)

    Hey awesome fans! Hobbypartz is seriously happy to have so many loyal customers supporting us from a over the world. You guys always believe that Hobbypartz will bring you guys the best upgrades in...
  24. New Drift Star Car powered by Hobbypartz (Yokohoma Body Kit)
    How do you guys like the look? Please let us know!
  25. New Gens Ace 60c for Trex 450 to 700. Coming soon 2012

    Hi guys! Hope everyone is having another magical season. Just wanna let you guys know that we will be having some nice Gens Ace 60c coming soon! Prepare to experience the best power money can buy....
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